Social Studies 3 (Hybrid)

Through a cross curricular and banded standards approach, Settle foreign lands, battle for freedom and form a revolutionary new government! Relive American history from the early Native Americans through the 1850s. Embrace the innovative spirit that characterized early American history Totally interconnected learning. Reading with History 3 links BookShark's proprietary subjects together. History, Geography, Read-Alouds, Readers and Language Arts are integrated. Meet Paul Revere in a history book, then see him in a Reader. Get to know George Washington in a biography, then see him again through children's eyes in Johnny Tremain and Phoebe the Spy. As your children learn and discover in this style, they'll make astonishing connections between the people, places and events in American History. Additionally, students will explore their community and state while exploring the greater world around them. Discover the fascinating foundations of a unique nation. Bring life to your American heritage. Ask questions such as: What makes this nation different? How did it come to exist? Why don't we have a king? Who lived in North America before Christopher Columbus came? Why did settlers risk everything to start over in the New World? See firsthand how the first modern democratic republic began. Discover how Americans fostered personal freedom and the spirit of innovation that so many countries emulate today.

* Prerequisites: None

* This course includes an optional learning experience.

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