Math 8 Saxon (Algebra1/2) - (Hybrid)

Algebra 1 includes such topics as: arithmetic and evaluation of expressions involving signed numbers, exponents, and roots; properties of real numbers, absolute value, equations and inequalities involving absolute value, scientific notation, unit conversions, solution of equations in one unknown, solution of simultaneous equations the algebra of polynomials and rational expressions, word problems requiring algebra for the solution (such as uniform motion and coin problems), graphical solution of simultaneous equations, graphs of a variety of functions: linear, quadratic, cubic, square root, absolute value, etc., translations and reflections of graphs, factoring, Pythagorean theorem, algebraic proofs, functional notation and functions, solution of quadratic equations by factoring, completing the square, and quadratic formula, direct and inverse variation, exponential growth, computation of the perimeter and area of two-dimensional regions, computation of the surface area and volume of a wide variety of geometric solids, statistics, and probability.

* Prerequisites: None

* This course includes an optional learning experience.

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