Math 2 Math-U-See (Hybrid)

Math-U-See: Beta builds on the foundation in Alpha by applying students' mastery of single-digit addition and subtraction to multiple-digit addition and subtraction. One of the stepping stones between these two levels is the concept of place value, which is an important milestone for truly grasping any multiple-digit operation. Major Concepts and Skills Include: Understanding place value and using it to add or subtract, Fluently adding any combination of whole numbers, Solving for an unknown addend, Fluently subtracting any combination of whole numbers, Solving abstract and real-world problems involving addition and subtraction, Additional concepts and skills: Telling and writing time by hours and minutes, Understanding, adding, and subtracting U.S. currency, Measuring and estimating length with inches, feet, centimeters, and meters, Comparing numbers and lengths, Expressing differences between numbers as inequalities, Finding the perimeter of any polygon, and Representing and interpreting data in plots and graphs.

* Prerequisites: None

* This course includes an optional learning experience.

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