Language Arts 6

Language Arts 6

In sixth grade, through the study of authors such as Elizabeth Partridge, Gary Soto, and Langston Hughes, students ponder such questions as “Is conflict always bad?”; “How do we decide who we are?”; and “How much do our communities shape us?” Short-term research engages students’ curiosity and critical-thinking skills. Students are encouraged to support their ideas with evidence as they practice narrative, informative, and persuasive writing. In the second semester, the student will continue to explore central questions in each unit. As he reads, analyzes, and interprets a variety of literature, he will ponder answers to questions such as: What makes a hero?, What can I learn from my mistakes?, and What makes a friend? The student will further develop his reading skills and expand his vocabulary while reading across the genres of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and drama. The student will also self-select literature for independent reading. The student will strengthen his mastery of the writing process as he composes expository, creative, and research writing.


* This course includes an optional learning experience.

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* Prerequisites: None