English 11

English 11

British and World Literature is a streamlined survey of British literature that illustrates the origins of English-language literature and reflects its reach beyond the British Isles. The course is standards-based. Each activity correlates to state standards in six core areas: reading, writing, language (appreciation and aesthetics), listening and speaking, viewing and representing (including media literacy), and research. The course gives students meaningful practice in fundamental literacy skills while introducing them to classics of British and world literature. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to think and respond independently, critically, and creatively to the subject matter, whether it's a work of literature, a piece of nonfiction writing, or a media work. Summaries and annotations support fluency and comprehension of all reading material. Robust scaffolding in the form of process guides and graphic organizers helps reluctant writers to internalize strategies and develop composition skills.


* This course includes an optional learning experience.

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* Prerequisites: Language Arts 10