Social Studies K (Hybrid)

History & Geography ' Intro to the World: Cultures: Start down BookShark's bold academic path by introducing your child to new and interesting people as you travel to distant lands and long-ago times. Study Ancient Egypt, Rome, knights and castles, geography, climates and much more. Engage your child with conversation as we equip you with questions to connect him or her to the various people and places you will discover. Read-Alouds: Reading aloud to your children builds their vocabulary, listening skills and imagination. Read-Alouds also help build your children's cognitive development and gives them a passion to learn. Cuddle-up and read 23 Read-Aloud classics like Dr. Doolittle and The Boxcar Children. Readers: After your children learn just 8 letters of the alphabet they will read real stories in the Fun Tales series. If you are unsure which reading level is right for your child please check out our Quick Reading Assessment.

* Prerequisites: None

* This course includes an optional learning experience.

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