Home Exploration Projects

Home Exploration Projects

Home Exploration Projects is a semester-long, project-based adventure developed by Oxford Virtual Academy Teachers for upper elementary students.  The class explores a variety of topics that will enhance student knowledge of home experiences and environments. 

Home Exploration Projects consists of seven units of study.  Throughout the semester, students will explore home-based topics such as nutrition and kitchen, fitness and health, outdoor exploration, recycling, careers, hometown and a final all-encompassing project.

Students are required to turn in one project for each unit of exploration.  Each project will take approximately two to three hours to complete.  For each unit, guided reflections will also be turned in for credit.  Due to the project nature of this course, reflections are a vital part of the learning process as they support procedure and reinforce writing skills.  

Upon project completion, learning coaches will be required to submit project artifacts and reflections through the dropbox feature in the online course for each unit.  To receive credit for each project, all required items must be uploaded and demonstrate mastery/competency of the topic investigation according to the provided rubric.

Home Project Explorations is full of fun adventures that will fill students with knowledge and appreciation for their homes and the experiences within and around them!

* Prerequisites: None